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Aloha Federal Credit Union Through the Years



In 1952, a group of employees from what was then known at "TPA, the Aloha Airline," came together to organize a credit union, which began as "Aloha Airlines Federal Credit Union."


From this modest start, Aloha Federal Credit Union expanded its products and services to match those offered by contemporary financial institutions.  Through the decades, Aloha continued to grow alongside its original airline partner, but we continued to focus on member benefits and service and meeting the needs of our growing base of members.


This commitment to member benefits and service helped propel the credit union to be the largest local air industry credit union.  In 2008 when our airline partner Aloha Airlines stopped operating, we continued our commitment to member benefits and service to expanding the scope of members we serve and we continue to be Hawaii's largest air industry credit union.


In further recognition of our credit union's expanded focus, in 2008 we also became simply ALOHA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION.







Federally insured by NCUA


Near Honolulu Airport
550 Paiea Street, 1st Floor
Honolulu, HI 96819


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