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As Hawaii's largest air industry credit union, many can join to take advantage of the great savings rates, tremendous loan rates, and first class service that we offer!


Employees of any air industry company in Hawaii can join.  That'd be employees of passenger or cargo airlines, aircraft or airport support companies, and airport-based government employees — all eligible to join!



Membership Is Exclusive!



Membership with Aloha Federal Credit Union is an exclusive, lifetime benefit to all eligible employees and retirees of certain companies involved with air transportation in Hawaii, which includes:

  • Employees of Island Air
  • Employees of Aloha Air Cargo
  • Family members of any eligible individual, including:
    • Current credit union members
    • Parents and Grandparents
    • Current Spouse or Domestic Partner
    • Siblings
    • Children and Grandchildren
    • Household Members
    • Widows and Widowers of individuals who died while eligible.



Membership Can Last a Lifetime!



We follow the principle, "Once a member, always a member," which means that once you establish your membership with Aloha, even if your employment status changes or you move, you will not need to cancel your membership.



No One Needs to 'Sponsor' You For You to Join!



Aloha Federal Credit Union welcomes eligible members to join without the need for a direct sponsorship from an existing member or industry employee.  For example, if your parent is eligible for membership, you're already eligible and we won't need their sponsorship for you to join!







Federally insured by NCUA


Near Honolulu Airport
550 Paiea Street, 1st Floor
Honolulu, HI 96819


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