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Aloha Federal Visa® Classic & Platinum Credit Card       



Aloha Federal's Visa® credit cards are in a class all their own.  With a rate that almost can't be beat and absolutely NO ANNUAL FEE, you can't go wrong with either!


Your Visa® Classic also carries a world of advantages, including:

  • Never a balance transfer fee
  • Verified by Visa® for online purchase protection
  • Auto rental discounts
  • Travel protection
  • Medical assistance


  Transfer balances of other cards or bills to your Aloha Federal Visa credit card to save instantly!  Click the download button above or here to download our Visa® Balance Transfer Form now.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Visa® Classic or Visa® Platinum Credit Card?



Call 1-800-991-4964 to report your Aloha Visa® Classic or Visa® Platinum credit card lost or stolen.



Verified by Visa®



Verified by Visa is a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you conduct online purchases.  Plus, on top of the added security, Verified by Visa also adds specially-negotiated rates and superb savings with Verified by Visa participating merchants.  Check out our list of Verified by Visa merchants!


To register your Aloha Visa® Classic or Visa ® Platinum with Verified by Visa, click the button below:


Visa Falcon Alert Fraud Detection Verification Service from 1-800-XXX-5097



Aloha Federal Credit Union Visa® Classic and Visa® Platinum credit cards are protected by additional security with a fraud detection service that monitors all credit card accounts that may seem suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary.


When a purchase or any activity triggers the Falcon system, our representatives calling from 1-800-XXX-5097 will call to ask you to verify the last 3 to 5 transactions that you've conducted.


This service protects you so that you can continue to use your card even if fraudulent activity might be suspected.  Whereas, if we or the Falcon system is not able to reach you or verify that your card is still in your possession, your credit card could be placed on a temporary block, disabling all activity until verification is complete.


Keep in mind, the Falcon system representative will NEVER ask for your personally-identifiable information.  They will call the number you have provided with your credit card and will ask simply for you to verify the date/time and/or amount of your last several purchases.


Many times, the Falcon system will generate an automated call, and by following the call's prompts, you can complete verification without missing a beat.  Or, at your option, stay on the line and a live agent will be able to assist you.


Or, as always, if you prefer to speak to credit union staff directly, call Toll-Free 1-800-282-0212.









Federally insured by NCUA


Near Honolulu Airport
550 Paiea Street, 1st Floor
Honolulu, HI 96819


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