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We know "real life" doesn't always happen during normal business hours.  That's why we've provided useful forms below.


  Answers to Our Top 7 Most Asked About Topics & Quick How To Guides
  Answers to Our Top 7 Most Asked About Topics
   How to: Activate Mobile AccessLine
   How to: Change User ID on Internet AccessLine
   How to: Transfer Funds from Your Account to  Another Member's Account Using Internet AccessLine
   How to: Transfer Funds using a Standard Transfer
   How to: Use Telephone AccessLine
  Account Forms
  Membership Application
   Visa® Balance Transfer Form
   Address Change Request
   Stop Payment Request
  Social Security Direct Deposit Form (with Aloha FCU information pre-filled)
  Report of Disputed or Fraudulent Activity for Visa® Debit Card
   Report Fraudulent Activity for Visa® Classic or Visa® Platinum Credit Card
   Wire Transfer Request (Outgoing from Aloha FCU)
  Membership & Account Agreement, Distributed 06-30-2013, Effective 07-01-2013
  Annual Privacy Policy
  Fee Schedule, Distributed 06-30-2013, Effective 07-01-2013
  Christmas Savings Club Truth-in-Savings Disclosure & Agreement
  Aloha Snapshot Visa® Debit Card Added Disclosure
   Visa Classic Credit Card and Visa Platinum Credit Card Agreement
  Courtesy Overdraft Agreement 10-2012
   Courtesy Plus Opt-In Agreement 10-2012
  E-Statements Disclosure (10-2011)
  Shared Branch Resources
  Hawaii Shared Branch Locations List
  Hawaii Shared Branch Locations Holidays
   Download the iOS Locator App for Shared Branch Locations
  Informational Forms & Resources
   Aloha FCU Holidays
   FAQs for Aloha Visa® Debit Card
   International Travel Tips with your Visa® Debit or Credit Card
   Regulation D:  Why is there a 6-transaction limit for my savings account?
  Quick Reference:  Who's eligible for membership
  Incoming Wire Instructions
  What Is Federal Insurance?
  Your Insured Funds
  Sprint Credit Union Discount Verification Form for 2012





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