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Aloha Federal Credit Union and its members will soon become a part of Hawaii's largest credit union!


On May 28, 2014, the Board of Directors of Aloha Federal Credit Union approved a proposal to merge with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union.  And on July 18, 2014, the National Credit Union Administration approved this proposed merger subject to member ratification.


The results of a special member meeting called to discuss and ratify this proposed merger was held on August 25, 2014.  Members who voted -- whether by mail-in or in-person at the meeting -- voted overwhelmingly (95.7%) to approve the proposed merger with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union.

  Since these approvals, team members from Aloha and HawaiiUSA have been working toward the credit unions' eventual merger date, which is set for October 31, 2014.  On that date, Aloha Federal will cease its operations.  On November 1, 2014 all shares, members, and accounts of Aloha Federal will become a part of HawaiiUSA.
  The following resources and updates have been provided to all members by regular mail.  Please download or view for your additional reference:
    Notice to Members of Special Meeting (Held August 25, 2014)
    Special Meeting Briefing for Attendees (For August 25, 2014)
    Informational Update #1 for Members (Mailed September 15, 2014)
    Informational Update #2 for Members (Mailed October 1, 2014)
   Final Informational Update #3 for Members (Mailed October 20, 2014)
  Until October 31, 2014, Aloha Federal staff are available to answer your questions about our upcoming merger with HawaiiUSA.  Please call 841-6836 or toll-free 800-282-0212 or e-mail MemberService@AlohaFCU.com if you have any questions.




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